Cam and Bear

Cam and Bear is a place that celebrates love

love for one another, love for others, and love for the environment. Here, we pay tribute to the loving couple, Andy and Lucy, whose love story ended abruptly when Andy died in a tragic accident during one of their outdoor adventures. Their love story was witnessed by the moon, stars, sun, clouds, mountains, wind, snow, trees, and the grass. They were one with nature. They felt very much alive whenever they felt the sun’s rays on their faces. They felt the love when the sun showed different beautiful colors during the sunset. Their story also spoke of their love for others. Their adventures were not solely for fun. Their actions were selfless. They did it in the spirit of camaraderie with other people whom they had considered as kindred spirits as they take each step into the great outdoors. Their love was a testimony to the beauty of Mother Nature. They had shown us the importance of taking care of our environment. We should conserve and preserve our natural resources so that the next generations can still enjoy them too.

The Cam and Bear website feature inspiring stories and blogs about love and adventure, much like the life lived by this loving couple. Andy and Lucy believed that life was one big adventure and we should live it to the fullest. We also feature different places that would be perfect for your next outdoor adventure especially those places that are not usually found in the recommended tourist destinations. We like to share with the community our newest discoveries as we go off the beaten path. After all, there is so much more to the outdoors than what meets the eye. You would be surprised with what you find in that next turn at the curve at the end of the road. We also write reviews about outdoor products that would surely be essential when you go on your next adventure. Andy and Lucy were a simple couple so do not worry, there are no false advertisements here, just plain and honest truth about what you need to bring and do when going outdoors so that you are prepared and safe all the time. We also have photos and videos that show the amazing beauty of the great outdoors in different parts of the world. May these inspire you to go to your next destination or outdoor activity.

We ask you to support our campaign for Cam and Bear Fund for Adventure. Andy and Lucy loved the outdoors so much and they knew what good it could do to one’s mind, body, and spirit that is why they would like everyone to experience enjoying the great outdoors. This fundraising is specially intended for the youth who do not have the financial capacity to pursue their interest and passion for outdoor activities. We would like to fund their very first outdoor adventure – rock climbing, mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, or whatever they want to do. The important thing is that they would have the opportunity to experience the great outdoors and discover a part of themselves that they never knew existed. We want them to go out of their garage doors in Milwaukee simply because the outdoors are calling!